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Ralf Southard

Ralf Southard is a singer/songwriter with tastes that reach a vast selection of musical genres.
Growing up to his father's Glenn Miller recordings and his mother's affinity for Elvis Presley,
Ralf began collecting records (those old vinyl things with a hole in the middle) when he was
eight. He participated in chorus in elementary school, and his group even had the opportunity
to sing with Pearl Bailey when he was eleven. Introduced to Jesus Christ Superstar by his music
teacher in junior high school, Ralf had an acclimation for muscials and concept albums, though
he never took part in theater.

Ralf headed to college to study physics, but the arts kept calling. He changed his major to Film,
and by 1980 he was editing film to music, before the MTV era began. And although an expert on
pop music history, Ralf never really played an instrument until college was over. He traveled
with the popular State College based band Menagerie (who soon afterward changed their name
to Cartoon) as a technician and taught himself guitar while on the road. After Cartoon dissolved
(except for occassional reunions) Ralf took to the Open Mike circuit where he met Pat Elliott, Ray
Glahn and eventually Jerre Price. The four of them became known as Trinity 1296.

With Trinity 1296, Ralf played 9-string and 6-string guitar, harmonica and various hand held
percussion. He contributed one song to the band's self-titled "Trinity 1296" release and also
wrote the crowd pleaser "Off To L.A." After leaving the band in 1986, Ralf played solo and
sporadically with various other musicians in trios named Off Limits and Delta until he put
his guitar away for good in 1998. Since 1992, five to six of his evenings a week were occupied
with hosting karaoke shows.

Though he continued singing plenty, Ralf didn't pick up the guitar again until early spring 2007,
after a few chance calls and emails from former members of Trinity 1296. Following that, Ralf, Pat
and Jerre worked on a reunion, which finally hit the public in June 2008.

Ralf is a signing specialist and trainer with Target Stores and continues to host karaoke
shows. He and his wife of seven years, Sandra, reside in State College. Through Sandra,
Ralf has two step-children, Stephanie (25) and Justin (21).

Ralf is a Piscean, born on February 28.


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