Photo: Jerre Price

Jerre Price

ESP's primary instrumentalist, Jerre has spent a lifetime preparing to be an acoustic
guitar specialist. Jerre's gentle, soothing picking is augmented by a vast vocal range
and strong percussion knowledge. Jerre has anchored both the rock band "Ivory Debris"
and Art's Festival favorite, "The Beaver Ave. Beggars," but revels in the unforgiving
acoustic genre. His major musical influences include Crosby, Still & Nash and Neil
Young, The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver and James Taylor.

When not playing his guitar, Jerre is an IT Specialist, concentrated on Web Content
Management Systems/Solutions. He also prides himself as a dedicated, loyal and
manic alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University. GO LIONS!

After having moved to Texas for a few years around the turn of the century, Jerre
has once again made State College his home, along with his wife Mary, and two
children Rachel and Noah.

May Day (May 1) marks Jerre's birthday, making him a Taurus.


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