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Eileen Christman

Eileen Christman is a classically trained musician who currently performs with several local acts as a primary or part-time member. Eileen has lent instrumentation to many local recording artists and has been a violinist for the Nittany Valley Symphony since 1982. Eileen’s upbringing in classical music combined with her curiosity for modern music has created a hybrid sound that is suitable for both genres yet owned by neither. Eileen represented her high school in district and regional competition, as well as a performance in the Macy’s parade. Her first experience outside the classical realm – a brief tenure in a rock band lacked parental sanctioning – put her on a course for future success in both classic and modern performance.

A chance meeting with the original members of ESP at a PSU tailgate led to her joining the band to provide violin, piano, bass, and backup vocals. Eileen’s multi-instrument expertise is the perfect compliment to Jerre Price’s intricate acoustic guitar, which allows ESP to feature our signature layered vocals in a wider range of styles, with a more robust sound. Eileen is both a vocalist and a writer of music, attributes that will be featured in our performances.

In addition to her long tenure with the NVS, Eileen has been a member of central PA classic rock band "OverheaD" since 1995. In the past year, she has been a regular guest with the Family Brew, Crooked Stovepipe, and Harold Taddy. Also, since 2001 Eileen has been the entertainment director for State College’s annual 4th Fest, which under her guidance has grown from one stage and five acts to three stages and 22 performances scheduled this year.

Eileen hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and is employed by Raytheon.
She lives with her husband Craig in State College.

Born on October 6, Eileen is a Libra.


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